Multichannel LCR Meter

MICROTEST 9332 utilizes Automatic Balance Bridge measurement technology and is designed with 64 test channels to meet the requirements for testing multiple components simultaneously. It operates in a frequency range from 10Hz to 200kHz, measuring parameters including inductance, capacitance, AC/DC resistance, impedance, Q value, and D value. It supports PC connectivity software for remote programming and data storage.

It can be applied in PCB/FPC production testing, particularly for applications like testing wireless charging coil soft boards and thick copper coil boards in a parallel plate configuration. The 9332 can be integrated into dedicated PCB testing equipment, enabling fully automatic or semi-automatic testing.
Multichannel LCR Meter
Multichannel LCR Meter|9332 (PCB/FPC Application)
Multichannel LCR Meter
9332 (PCB/FPC Application)
  • 0.1% basic accuracy
  • 64 test channels
  • Test 32 sets of inductive impedance (Ls/Rs/DCR/Q)
  • Can be used with pneumatic composite fixtures to perform multi-board (panel) tests
  • Supports multi-board test modes and LCR value measurement mode
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