USB Type-C Cable Tester

8761NAC is a specialized testing solution designed for USB Type-C products. It supports connector loop orientation recognition for both sides of the USB Type-C connector and offers efficient short-circuit testing. It provides testing points for 64/128 connections.

For USB Type-C product testing, the 8761NAC includes the following features:

_ Testing of protective components such as RA resistors and filter capacitors.

_ 5A voltage drop testing to ensure that excessive internal resistance does not negatively impact the overall performance of the cable or harness.

_ E-Marker IC testing to verify and compare E-Marker IC parameters.

The 8761NAC is a versatile tool that combines electrical testing capabilities with E-Marker IC parameter interpretation. It is equipped with a 2-in-1 current source expansion box (FX-000C28) for conducting 5A voltage drop tests and for reading and comparing E-Marker IC barcodes to ensure quality control.
USB Type-C Cable Tester
USB Type-C Tester|8761NAC
USB Type-C Tester
  • 4-wire measurement conductance 1mΩ-52Ω
  • Test pin 64/128
  • E-Marker IC Test
  • Voltage Drop Test (5A)
  • Open/Short
  • Cond. Resistance test 
  • AC/DC Hipot Test
  • DC insulation
  • Support bar code scan and print function
  • Automatically identify the normal or reverse plugin of wire or connectors
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