Wireless Charger Automatic Test System

MICROTEST Wireless Charging Test System 9901 offers a highly cost-effective solution suitable for production lines to quickly adapt to testing requirements. 9901 can meet the necessary testing criteria for wireless charger products/modules and is designed for testing wireless charging products up to 150W. It provides up to 4 test channels with dual-cut test fixtures, significantly enhancing production line testing efficiency. Additionally, it supports PD/QC protocols and Foreign Object Detection (FOD). The testing includes input, output, and protection characteristic tests, with remote control and test data storage capabilities through dedicated PC software. It is the optimal choice for production lines.
Wireless Charger Automatic Test System
Wireless Charger Automatic Test System|9901
Wireless Charger Automatic Test System
  • Support PD 2.0, QC 2.0/3.0 protocols
  • Support FOD test (foreign object detection)
  • Provide statistical analysis report function
  • Suitable for DC-DC power supply product test (power 150W)
  • Provide a variety of expansion cards to quickly upgrade to more test functions
  • Equipped with double switching test fixture to switch left and right for highly efficient tests
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