Wireless Charger Automatic Test System

Wireless Charger Automatic Test System|9901
  • Support PD 2.0, QC 2.0/3.0 protocols
  • Support FOD test (foreign object detection)
  • Provide statistical analysis report function
  • Suitable for DC-DC power supply product test (power 150W)
  • Provide a variety of expansion cards to quickly upgrade to more test functions
  • Equipped with double switching test fixture to switch left and right for highly efficient tests

The MICROTEST 9901 wireless charger automatic testing system offers a high cost-performance ratio, making it suitable for production lines to quickly adapt to automated testing. It is designed for testing finished or semi-finished modules of wireless chargers with a power rating of up to 150W. The system supports PD/QC protocols and Foreign Object Detection (FOD). It provides up to 44 channels for testing and comes with dual-cut testing fixtures.

The system covers essential testing items for wireless chargers, including no-load standby power measurement (voltage/current/power), output load and efficiency testing (voltage/current/efficiency/power), and protection testing (overvoltage/overcurrent/under voltage protection, output short circuit protection, FOD detection).



9901 Wireless Charger Automatic Test System

DC Source

Power supply on

transmitting side (Tx)

Measuring Range - voltage 0-30V
Voltage Accuracy ±(0.1% of setting +20mV)
Voltage Resolution 0.01V
Measuring Range - current 0-5A
Current Accuracy ±(0.1% of setting +20mA)
Current Resolution 0.001A
QC protocol - programmable Compliant to QC 2.0, 3.0 protocols
PD protocol - programmable Compliant to PD 2.0 protocol
PD protocol - programmable 30mVp-p

DC Load

Loads on receiving side (Rx)

Measuring Range - voltage 0-80V
Voltage Accuracy ±(0.025%+0.025%FS)
Voltage Resolution 0.02V
Measuring Range - current 0-20A
Current Accuracy 0.05%+0.05%FS
Current Resolution

High positions: 0.005A,

Low positions: 0.0005A

Power 150W
Test modes CC/CV/CR/CP
Wireless charger test items
  • Displacement sensing test of wireless charger
  • Foreign object detection test (FOD)
  • Voltage test of wireless charger
  • Current test of wireless charger
  • Power test of wireless charger
  • Standby power test of wireless charger
  • Voltage/Current/Power tests for the protocols of wireless charger
  • Induced current test on receiving side when applying load on receiving side
  • Induced current test on receiving side when applying load on receiving side
  • Induced power test on receiving side when applying load on receiving side
  • Efficiency test of wireless charger
  • Fast charging voltage test of the receiver
  • Output short-circuit test and recovery test of wireless charger
  • Output over-current test and recovery test of wireless charger
  • Input over-voltage protection test of wireless charger
  • Input under-voltage protection test of wireless charger
  • Barcode function
  • Connect to MES system



System Configurations

9901 Wireless Charger Automatic Test System (4 channels)
Instrument Model Quantity SPEC
Programmable DC power supply 3215 2 Power: 150W, Voltage: 0-30V, Current: 0-5A
Programmable DC electronic load 3602 2
  • Power

         150W, Voltage: 0-80V/Current: 0-20A

  • With CC/CV/CR/CP test modes
Industrial computer/NB Types can be selected 1 Select based on customer’s needs
Modular chassis for instruments 3600 1 Height: 5U
Test software PT960F 1 Dedicated software for wireless charger products automatic testing
Function expansion card 3711 1 Function expansion for QC/PD and other protocols
Control card 3712 1 Control indicators, FOD test
Test fixtures Customized 1 Test fixtures for wireless charging modules/wireless chargers
System cabinet/desktop 9901/3600 1 Including power supply jack and related communication cables



Storge By PC
Power Supply Voltage (fixed) 90-264Vac
Frequency 50-60Hz±5%
  Power consumption 300VA
  Environment Temperature 0℃-40℃
Humidity 0-80%RH
Display LCD (320*240) (3215/3602)
  Dimension (W*H*D) 432x234.6x533 mm (3600)
  Weight 31 Kg (4 Channels,3600)
Interface RS-232, USB Device