2-in-1 Transformer Testing System
Low Voltage+Safety

2-in-1 Transformer Testing System|Low Voltage+Safety
  • Low Voltage Electrical Test 
  • Hi pot/ Insulation Test
  • 20 Channels
  • Test Frequency (200k/500k/1MHz)
  • AC Voltage Output 5000V
  • DC Voltage Output 6000V
  • Insulation Resistance 12000MΩ

MICROTEST 2-in-1 Transformer Integrated Test System is a comprehensive solution that combines low-voltage electrical characteristics testing and safety compliance testing. It offers 20 testing channels and integrates low-voltage testing (including inductance, leakage inductance, resistance, capacitance, etc.) with AC/DC withstand voltage insulation testing (up to 5000V/6000V). It ensures efficient and convenient testing for transformer products.

To measure the inductance value of a transformer, you can use an LCR meter, which offers selectable test frequencies including 200kHz, 500kHz, and 1MHz. It supports software that allows connection to a PC, enabling the storage of test data.






Test Channel


Low Voltage Electrical Test
Model 6265 6266 6267
Frequency  10Hz-200kHz 10Hz-500kHz 10Hz-1MHz
Frequency Resolution 5 digits
Basic Accuracy ±0.1%
AC Drive Level 10mV-2Vrms
DC Drive Level 10mV-2V
Output Impedance 100Ω

Inductance or Voltage

Test Freqeuncy:50Hz-200kHz

Test Mode Meter Mode / List Mode
Parameters Measurement Inductance (L)、Impedance (Z)、Capacitance (C)、Resistance (R)、Conductance (G)、Susceptance (B)、Admittance (Y)、Alternating Current Resistance (ACR)、Quality Factor (Q)、θ、Direct Current Resistance (DCR)、Leakage Inductance、Turn Ratio、Balance、Short Circuit
L, LK 0.1nH ~ 9999.99H
C 0.00001pF ~ 999.99mF
Q,D 0.00001 ~ 99999
Z,X,R 0.00001Ω ~ 99.9999MΩ
Y 0.01nS ~ 99.9999S
θ -180°~ +180°
DCR 0.1mΩ ~ 99.999 MΩ
Turn 0.1 ~ 99999.9 turns
Pin-Short 12 pairs, between pin to pin
Hi pot/ Insulation Test
Items AC Hi pot DC Hi pot IR
Output Voltage  10V-5000V  10V-6000V  10V-1000V
Voltage Resolution  1V  1V 1V 
Voltage Accuracy      
 Test Range  0.001-31mA  0.001-11mA  1-12000MΩ
AC Arcing Detection 0-20 0-10  -
Measuring time 0.1-999s 
Ramp Time 0.1-10s 
Time Resolution 0.1s 


  Model Transformer Tester Hi pot Tester
6265/6266/6267 7631
  Built-in stroage 128 sets 15 sets
  PC Link-stroage Unlimited storage
  Power Supply


98Vac-132Vac 或195Vac-264Vac


98Vac-132Vac 或195Vac-264Vac

Frequency:47-63Hz Frequency:47-63Hz
  Power consumption  400VA/set
  Dimension (W*H*D) 344x145x343 mm (W*H*D)  435x145x500 mm (W*H*D)
  Weight 9 Kg  15kg
  Interface  RS-232、Handler、LAN、USB Host、EXT. I/O  RS-232、Remote、USB Host、USB Device、EXT.I/O
  Displa Color Screen, 7" TFT
Color Screen, 4.3" TFT