DC Bias Current Test System
6350+ Series

DC Bias Current Test System|6350+ Series
  • Frequency Response 100Hz-200k/500kHz
  • Supports maximum output DC bias current of 320A/120A
  • DCR measurement function
  • Can sustain maximum power output for long periods of time
  • Output impedance: 100Ω
  • Open/short circuit calibration function
  • Supports meter measurement mode/multi-step list testing

6355/6356+6243/6223 provide a frequency response range of 100Hz to 200k/500kHz and a maximum output current of 320A/120A. These systems are used for testing inductors, coils, ferrites, and core saturation currents.



6350+ Series



Frequency Response

100Hz-200kHz (6355+6243/6223)

100Hz-500kHz (6356+6243/6223)

DC Bias Current Max.

320A (6243)

120A (6223)

Power consumption Max.

640W (6243)

320W (6223)

 Model 6355+6243 6355+6223 6356+6243 6356+6223
Frequency Response 100Hz-200kHz 100Hz-200kHz 100Hz-500kHz 100Hz-500kHz
Output Current Max. 320A 120A 320A 120A
Power consumption  640W  320W 640W 320W
units of the DC Bias  8 8
Output Current (unit)  40A 20A  40A 20A


 Accuracy (6632)

0.000A-1.000A 1%+5mA
1.001A-5.000A 2%
5.001A-20.000A 3%
DCR Test
Constant power output
Current switch



6355/6356 LCR Meter


Model 6355/6356
Frequency Range 10Hz-200kHz/10Hz-500kHz
Frequency Setting Continuity
Frequency Output Accuracy ±0.01%
Frequency Resolution 5-bit Frequency 
Basic Accuracy ±0.05% 
Drive Level Test Signal Voltage Level


             AC:10mV - 2Vrms

             DC:10mV - 2V 

Voltage Minimum Resolution 1mV
Output Impedance 100Ω 
Measurement Mode Meter mode, list mode
Measurement Parameters


Test Time (Fastest) 8mS 

6355/6356 Measurement Parameters

Parameters Range
|Z|, R, X 0.001mΩ~99.999MΩ
|Y|, G, B 0.1nS~99.999S
Cs Cp 0.01pF~9.9999F
Ls Lp 0.1nH~99.999kH
D 0.00001~9.9999
Q 0.1~9999.9
DCR 0.001mΩ~99.999MΩ
Δ% -9999%~999%
θ -180° ~+180°


   Measurement Circuit Series/Parallel
Correction Open Circuit/Short Circuit
 List Mode 8 steps
  Bulit-in Storge 128 sets 
USB Host Storge LCR setting documents, list mode setting document
  Trigger Test Auto, manual, RS-232, GPIB, Handler
   Power Supply Voltage:88~132Vac or 195~264Vac (Switchable)
  Power consumption 300VA (6223)、600VA (6243)
  Environment Temperature:10℃-40℃
   Dimension  358x148x343 mm (W*H*D) /6355
337×145×525mm (W*H*D) /6223
435×145×644mm (W*H*D) /6243
  Weight 3Kg (6355/6356)
15Kg (6223)
20Kg (6243)
Display Color Screen, 7" TFT (800*480)|6355
Interface RS-232、Handler