Hi pot Tester
7630 (2 Channel)

Hi pot Tester| 7630 (2 Channel)
  •  Hi pot ACW 5KV/30mA
  • Hi pot DCW 6KV/10mA
  • Insulation 1KV/12000MΩ
  • Arcing detection
  • Measuring Time (0.1 ~ 999s)
  • Adjustable ramp time (0.1 ~ 10s)
  • Safety Switch(INTER LOCK)
  • Option PC Link Software
  • Support AC 5000V, DC 6000V, Insulation Resistance 12GΩ

MICROTEST 7630 is a 3-in-1 test instrument that supports AC withstand voltage, DC withstand voltage, and insulation resistance testing functions. It has a maximum AC withstand voltage of 5000V with a leakage current of 30mA, a maximum DC withstand voltage of 6000V with a leakage current of 10mA, and a maximum insulation resistance of 12000MΩ. It supports PC connection software for remote programming and storage of test data. It can also be linked to a barcode scanner for barcode scanning, facilitating production traceability management.



Model 7630
Test Channel 2
AC Output Voltage 5000V
DC Output Voltage 6000V
Insulation Resistance 12000MΩ


AC Hipot
Output Voltage 10V-5000V
Voltage Resolution 1V
Voltage Accuracy  ±(3% of setting+5V)
Rated Current (Max.) 30mA
Upper Leakage Current 0.001-31mA
Leakage Current Resolution 0.001mA
Leakage Current Accuracy  ±(3% of reading +10uA)
Arcing Detection Detect gears from 0-20 (1 is the most sensitive)
DC Hipot
Output Voltage 10V-6000V
Voltage Resolution 1V
Voltage Accuracy  ±(3% of setting+5V) 
Rated Current (Max.) 10mA
Upper Leakage Current 0.001-11mA
Leakage Current Resolution  ±(3% of reading +10uA)
Leakage Current Accuracy 0.001mA
Arcing Detection Detect gears from 0-10 (1 is the most sensitive)
Insulation Resistance
Output Voltage 10V-1000Vdc
Voltage Resolution 1V
Voltage Accuracy   ±(3% of setting+5V) 
Insulation Resistance Range 1-12000MΩ
IR Resolution 1MΩ
IR Accuracy                          100-500V, 1-1000MΩ (±5% of reading+1MΩ)

                         500-1000V, 2-12000MΩ (±5% of reading +10MΩ)

Measuring Time 0.1-999s
Ramp Time 0.1-10s
Measuring Time Resolution 0.1s


 PLC Remote Control Test、About
  PLC Output Signal PASS、FAIL、HV Output、Testing
  Safety Switch When testing, you need to short-circuit the INTER LOCK on the rear of the instrument to output the test voltage
  List Mode Each group contains up to 16 steps
Built-in Storage 30 sets setting files
  USB Host Storage Storage setting files and update firmware
  Power Supply Voltage:90Vac-264Vac 
Frequency:50/60Hz ±5%
  Power consumption 300VA
  Environment Temperature:5℃-40℃
Dimension 365x145x430 mm (W*H*D)
  Weight 14 Kg
  Interface RS-232、Remote、USB Host、USB Device、EXT. I/O
  Display 4.3" TFT LCD (480*272 )