DC Bias Current Source
6240 (40A)

DC Bias Current Source| 6240 (40A)
  • Up to 1MHz
  • Each individual unit can output DC Bias Current 40A (Max.320A)
  • Control by the LCR Meter or Impedance Analyzer

The 6240 DC Bias Current Source is designed for performing magnetic saturation current (Isat) and temperature rise current analysis (Irms) on inductors. It provides a single output current of 40A. To conduct such analysis, you have the option to purchase the system along with the 6632 Impedance Analyzer.

For the 6632 Impedance Analyzer, it has a frequency range of 100Hz-3MHz and can handle a maximum output current of 320A using 8 units.



DC Bias Current Source
Model 6240
DC Bias Current Max. 320A
units of the DC Bias 8
Power consumption 640W Max.
Output Current (unit) 40A
Option LCR Meter/Impedance Analyzer


Option LCR Meter/Impedance Analyzer Frequency Response
6632 100Hz-1MHz


DC Bias Current Source 6240

 Accuracy (6632)

0.000A-1.000A 1%+5mA
1.001A-5.000A 2%
5.001A-20.000A 3%
DCR Test
Constant power output
Current switch




   Power Supply Voltage:88-264Vac
  Environment Temperature:10℃-40℃

356x145x525 mm (W*H*D)/6240

  Weight 20 Kg (6240)
Display -
Interface RS-232、Handler